Friday, April 22, 2011

Goh Chok Tong, From The Gutter, Calls For A 'Clean' Campaign!

It is almost surreal to read of Mr.Goh Chok Tong's call for a 'clean' campaign. Among other things, he doesn't want to be personally attacked nor does he want to be called rude names.

He appears to have conveniently forgotten that he personally bankrupted Mr.Chee Soon Juan. To give credit where it's due, Mr.Lee Kuan Yew helped. That is how dirty Mr.Goh plays. He bankrupts political opponents who are a threat to him and his PAP. Nor has he had the courage to respond to Mr.Chee's challenge to him to allow Mr.Chee to stand by waiving his damages.

It mattered little to Mr.Goh that Mr.Chee was a Singaporean with a family to support, who was exercising his right to disagree, and his right to fair comment. Mr.Goh was intent on bankrupting him. To silence Mr.Chee and to serve as an example to others from daring to do the same. And he appears to feel no twinge of conscience that he collects S$3 million a year from public funds, while Mr.Chee remains penniless.

We assume Mr.Goh is afraid, among other things, that his and his wife's association with the NKF scandal will be made an election issue. It should, because it is a shame.

Or perhaps he worries that his running mate, Ms.Tin Pei Ling, will become the butt of more joke.

Whatever his reasons, calls for clean campaigns should come from those with clean consciences. Such calls should not be from a politician who uses the dirty tactic of bankrupting his political foe, and whose claim to fame rests on little more than being Mr.Lee Kuan Yew's fawning factotum.

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