Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lee Hsien Loong, Donald Duck And The ISD

For those who didn't notice, we were at the Q & A session with Mr.Lee Hsien Loong last night. To make sure you didn't miss us, we were wearing a full Donald Duck costume. Imagine our surprise, when we watched the replay and found we had been completely edited out. What an outrage! Blatant censorship! Just when we finally got to be on TV!

At the start of the session, we found ourselves sitting on an uncomfortable ugly green lighted box. Why, we asked, can we not have a chair, like Mr.Lee over there? Because, we were told, we want you to focus on how uncomfortable you are feeling, instead of coming up with clever questions, which may stump Mr.Lee. Besides, it makes for good TV and you musn't forget that we are playing pretend.

Apparently, we were all playing pretend that Mr.Lee is an open, friendly PM who can sit down with the people and answer all their questions without having them arrested, in the middle of the night, by the ISD. None of us would be bankrupted either. Unless, we asked such questions tomorrow, or after the show. Then we would be labelled an unconstructive troublemaker and possibly, a dud, who deserves whatever he/she gets.

We got into trouble, shortly after. Mr.Lee was saying, waving his hands about, that politics was, in Singapore, "a tussle for power". No kidding, we found ourselves interjecting. It was a mistake, we had brought attention to ourselves!

What, Mr.Lee demanded, is Donald Duck doing here? He is an American, and this session is only for citizens!We are new citizens, we tried. We ran away from Disneyland, after Tin Pei Ling threatened to visit. Rubbish, he rebutted us, she was only going to visit Universal Studios. It is nearby, we persisted, she might have made a side visit.

It was no good, we were summarily ejected and spent the rest of of the night, in an ISD cell. In case you are wondering where the ISD came from, they were hiding behind the curtains, at the back of Mr.Lee. We were only released after signing many autographs, as "Donald Duck".

We will not be able to use our Donald Duck costume again. ISD may figure out; that we are not actually Donald Duck. We will perhaps wear a Mickey Mouse disguise, since it would better suit, Mr.Lee's mickey mouse answers to important questions.

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