Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Living In Disneyland

Mr.Lee Kuan Yew has been kind enough to inform Singaporeans today that they are not living in Disneyland. For some reason, he must think that Singaporeans feel they are living in Disneyland.

Why would Singaporeans think they live in Disneyland?
It could be because of the fact that the subways, like Disneyland's rides, are packed.
Or because, like Disneyland, Singapore is full of people from all different parts of the world, having fun.
The locals in Disneyland, have to work at jobs, sometimes dressed in silly costumes.
Like Disneyland, there are no free rides in Singapore, not even for the poor or unable.
And, like Disneyland, everything is way too expensive.

Singaporeans have some advantages over Disneylanders, though. While people from Disneyland have to drive for hours or catch a 1 hour flight to get to Las Vegas and it's casinos, the PAP has brought the casinos to Singapore.

We doubt if Singaporeans feel they are living in Disneyland. For a struggling family, such a suggestion would be a trivialisation of their difficulties. That Mr.Lee would make such a suggestion, shows the disconnect between the PAP's leaders and the average citizen.

Mr.Lee himself, however, has very reason to think he is living in Disneyland. He is the King who lives in a castle, his son is the Prince, and he may do and have anything he wants. And his Ministers will be quite happy to put on any mask he wants them to, to please him. Though we do not know if he will feel quite so flippant, after this election is over.

We do agree with him on one thing, that Singaporeans have to make the right choice for the future of their children and grandchildren. And that choice should be for a strong opposition in Singapore's Parliament and for a two party state.

Or else their children and grandchildren too, will have to live in a repressive state, led by an in-bred, declining, much detested party, which will fear-monger and sell insurance to stay in power, at every election.

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  1. What Disneyland is LKY talking about, when he single-handedly turned Spore into a circus, taking on the role of undisputed ring-master ?

    Courtesy of LKY, I get to see a bunch of monkeys masquerading as MPs in parliament, another bunch masquerading as journalists. What the hell! I am also entertained by kangaroos masquerading as judges.