Saturday, April 9, 2011

Singapore Government To Sue 'Anonymous'

Singapore's Government will be suing 'Anonymous'. They are not sure whether 'Anonymous' is Mr or Ms, but they will be proceeding regardless. They also admit they don't know how old 'Anonymous' is but estimate that he/she is between 14 and 70.

They accuse 'Anonymous' of saying things about them, and saying things about their Ministers, particularly about the Minister Mentor. Aparently these outrageous things are being said about them online.

They have not decided on the quantum of damages but it ranges from S$5 to S$5 Million. It will depend, they say, on how much 'Anonymous' has. The point, it appears, is to bankrupt 'Anonymous', or if 'Anonymous' is still in school, to take all his/her pocket-money.

'Anonymous' may also be detained and held under the ISA, they warned. Calling Mr.Lee Kuan Yew a 'rotten old buzzard' or asking him to 'get lost' may result in National Security being threatened. This is because he is unique, unlike other Singaporeans, who are not unique.

Calling the senior Mr.Lee names, may result in him losing his uniqueness. Which would result in investors losing confidence in Singapore, which would cause a massive loss of jobs, which would cause riots, which would lead to Singapore becoming weak, which would result in an attack on Singapore by the joint armies of Malaysia, Indonesia, Klingons and Chewing-Gum Manufacturers.

When contacted, 'Anonymous' expressed surprise and said "really ah?".

When asked why he/she chose to be  'Anonymous', the response was "No choice mah, then they catch me how!?"

When asked on the state of his/her finances, 'Anonymous' said "B**ger, where got money!!?? Everything they whack a-ready!"

We would give you our source in the Ministry of Law who gave us this piece of news, but he has chosen to remain, anonymous.

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