Thursday, April 21, 2011

An English Lesson For Shanmugam

First World and Third World are English expressions which refer to advanced and backward states of existence. It need not refer to specific countries, as Mr.Shanmugam ignorantly suggests.

An example of a Third World state of existence, if he must have specifics, is Singapore's just dissolved Parliament. When one party controls 98% of the seats, it means that the people's will has been subverted. Especially when the party that has 98% of the seats, as in 2006, only got 65% of the votes.

The people's wishes have been denied by the PAP's crude, Third World system of gerrymandering using GRC's. As well as by the PAP's Third World repression of those pillars of any true democracy, freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

If Mr.Shanmugam needs further understanding of the Workers Party's concept, he only needs to read their manifesto. Unless he is too busy organizing the hangings of misled, poverty-stricken children like Yong Vui Kong.

Mr.Shanmugam would do better to occupy his time with improving the PAP's own flimsy manifesto, which is so sadly short on specifics, and which is so clearly inferior, to the WP's manifesto.

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