Monday, April 4, 2011

Lower, And Ever Lower, Falls Umno

The video purportedly showing Mr.Anwar Ibrahim in a compromising situation, or rather a conveniently spliced together, much shorter version of it, has been posted online. It is the first time we have watched any part of it, but we can immediately confirm, that it is false. False in the sense that whoever that person in the video is, it is not, Mr.Anwar Ibrahim.

Those who know him well will be able to go into the details of the differences, but we know that he has never had so big a stomach, as the paunchy fellow in the video. It is a detail that those who put together this shortened version of the video, were unable to hide, though they seemed to have tried.

We cannot say it is unexpected, this 'leak' of the video online. Of course they were going to do it. This, despite the fact, that nobody believes in it. Malaysia's state-controlled TV Channels, saw it fit to screen this smutty 'leaked' video. They blacked out the face of the woman in the video, and showed the man. They are, in their partialness, unabashed!

Some in Umno itself, must feel disgusted by this relentless smear campaign. Certainly, Tengku Razaleigh has spoken out, called the video unbelievable and condemned such villainy. He clearly does not want Umno, to slide even deeper into the gutter. He is too late, and they are unhearing.

For the many Malaysians who are outraged by these deplorable assasinations of an innocent man's character, you will have the opportunity to give your response to Umno, and the BN, in the next elections. Such defamations and injustice, in the name of mere politics, heedless of the effect it will have on his long-suffering family, cannot go unanswered.

For those who vote in Sarawak, your chance to answer the BN, will come earlier. It is easy now to choose your side, and if you vote for the BN, or the PBB, or any party associated with the BN, you will be voting for despicable, and completely amoral, villains.

Update :
Mr.Anwar Ibrahim's wife, Dr.Wan Azizah, today confirmed that the man in the video is not Mr.Anwar. The body and physique of the individual, she said, is entirely different from that of Mr.Anwar. -The Owl, 5th April, 2011.

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