Sunday, April 3, 2011

Disneyland, Tiananmen, and Tin Pei Ling

Deep in the recesses of a gleaming PAP building, the PAP's well-compensated election strategists had gathered. The youth, they knew, were going to rebel. A way had to be found, to keep them under control, and to get them to vote in the coming election, for the PAP.

After considering several options, they decided on 'Operation Fresh Faces'. The plan was simple, fight the youth, with the youth. Instead of having boring old dullards as candidates, they would have clueles, servile, young syncophants. This way, the PAP's boring old dullards could still control them.

The star figure among the cadre of this PAP version of Hitler Youth, was Ms.Tin Pei Ling. She fitted their needs to a T. She was unusually clueless, but would answer any question you wanted to ask, on anything. She was no doubt afraid that if she didn't, she might be suspected of being clueless. She was certainly servile, for on being asked whether she disagreed with any of the PAP's policies, she said no. Not even the ISA? Not even the assault on freedom of speech on the Internet? How very unyouthful! Not to mention, unprincipled!

She also claimed to understand the pressures facing the 'sandwich class'. Right after she had enthused about her 10 day holiday in Italy! And about how she would now have to call of her plan to visit Disneyland or Universal Studios or someplace like that. Because, apparently, and these are her words, she had heard that MP's have busy schedules! Such are the frivoulous individuals that the PAP would foist on the electorate.

Another of the PAP's candidates was Mr.Janil Puthucheary, who, on being pressed about the fact that he had not done national service, retorted sharply that he had been saving children's lives. We would like to point out to him that so are all other doctors in Singapore, saving lives, and they have done national service as well. Not all of them, are, dressed in silly white costumes, jumping around wanting to be MPs, nor are they loudly proclaiming that they are saving lives! Why does he want to be an MP, if he is so devoted to saving children's lives? We really wonder, if by chance, he had taken the Hypocritic Oath, instead of the Hippocratic one. And he really must learn to hide that he is arrogant, until he is already elected!

It is clear, that the PAP's 'fresh faces' are primarily interested in being instant MPs. To achieve that, they believe they only need to get themselves onto the PAP list of candidates. Not for them, long struggles for any causes. Not for them, principled stands against oppressive laws.

We do not know whether Singapore's youth will vote as they're told by the PAP. If they have any doubt of how the PAP views youth, we remind them of Mr.Lee Kuan Yew's endorsement of the Tiananmen massacre and his generous offer, in August '04, to shoot 200,000 of those rebelling youth!

And we urge them to consider that, by voting for Ms.Tin Pei Ling, they will be depriving her of her trip to Disneyland!