Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mahathir Calls DAP Racist!

Mr.Mahathir, as unrepentant a racist as you could find outside of the KKK, has labelled the DAP a racist party. This, apparently, is how they doubled their number of seats in the Sarawak election, by being racist.

We were sure the reason why the DAP got more seats, was because, among other reasons, the Sarawak State government was widely perceived as being corrupt, being unresponsive and because Mr.Taib Mahmud is much reviled. We thank Mr.Mahathir, for correcting us. For who would know more about racism, and racist parties, if not Mr.Mahathir.

He reigned for decades over Umno, which only accepts Malays into it's fold. His major coalition partners MCA and MIC, were respectively only for Chinese and Indians. With this anachronistic coalition, Mr.Mahathir ruled Malaysia for decades. His party's mouthpiece, Utusan, to this day, has never grown tired of running racist articles.

It is laughable that Mr.Mahathir would think he was in any way qualified, to comment in this way, on such matters. But then, he did claim a few years ago, that his right to free speech was infringed upon, by Mr.Baddawi. It was a remarkable claim, considering that during his tenure as Prime Minister, he had used every method, including brutal ones, and the ISA, to clamp down on dissent.

We do have to grant Mr.Mahathir one thing.

He is not at all afraid, of looking a fool!

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