Friday, April 15, 2011

Communications Jammed In Sarawak

The tactics used by Egypt's Mubarak, are now being used in Sarawak. Mobile phone networks have been disrupted. Radio Free Sarawak has been jammed. Alternative news sites, like Malaysiakini and Sarawak Report (both now on Wordpress), have been brought down by cyber-attacks. Dirty work, is clearly afoot.

The lessons of history, as in Egypt, are being ignored, even though they are only months old. We wish to point out to the BN and the tyrannical Mr.Taib, that their actions will be counter-productive. We know, as do most of the people, in case they think themselves disguised, that it is they who are behind these actions and attacks. And it is causing a lot of anger, which will be directed squarely at them, in polling tomorrow.

These are actions of desperate men. And the BN right now, is a coalition of increasingly desperate men. Their ceramahs attract few listeners, while the opposition's attracts voters in the thousands. To disrupt the opposition speakers, BN plays loud music opposite, hires goons to jeer loudly and then invites listeners to free buffets, if they will only leave the opposition ceramah!

All these sinister and sometimes farcical machinations will not stop the BN from being dealt a resounding blow in the elections tomorrow.

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