Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Release The Dogs

Four dogs were sentenced to death in Penang today. Two of them were not guilty of anything. The other two are accused of mauling an Irish tourist to death.

We do not know what caused the two dogs to attack Maurice Sullivan. They were trained to guard against wild boars and phythons, in Joseph Teoh's organic farm. Dogs do not generally attack unless provoked, or they view something or someone as a threat. If they could talk, they would tell you what caused them to act as they did. But they cannot, they are dumb creatures.

We know Maurice Sullivan liked the dogs, and had played with them before. We do not think he would want them to be killed in his name.

They have been handed over to Penang's Veterinary Department. We ask them to consider rehabilitating the two dogs, rather than simply killing them.

As for the two dogs who were not involved in the attack, they should be released immediately. There is no justification for holding them, and it would be outrageous injustice and cruelty to kill them, for something they have not done.

The dog's owner, Joseph Teoh, has been fined and is willing and wants to take his dogs back. He visits them everyday and he feeds them. Return him his dogs.

One life has been lost. There is no need to snuff out four more.

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