Friday, April 29, 2011

Time For The Opposition To Cross-Campaign

It's heartening to see the large numbers of people attending opposition rallies across Singapore. The Worker's Party for example, attracted a stunningly huge crowd yesterday at Hougang.

It is reminiscent of Malaysia's 2008 elections, where the huge crowds that gathered in Penang and Selangor translated into votes, and the BN's decades long government was thrown out in those states.

Despite whatever the PAP says, change is coming to Singapore. The opposition has a few stars among them, like Mr.Chiam, Mr.Low, and of course Ms.Seah, among others. This would be the right time for them to campaign for each other. For example. Mr.Chiam could speak at Marine Parade, Mr.Kenneth at Bishan-Toa Payoh or Mr.Low at Holland-Bukit Timah and so on.

Certainly it would increase the average Singaporean's confidence level in the opposition's ability to form a united government.

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