Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chua Soi Lek's Gambit

Mr.Chua has called on the SUPP not to accept any posts in the Sarawak cabinet. This was after the SUPP, which purportedly represents the Chinese in Sarawak, was thrashed at the state polls.

Why would Mr.Chua have any interest in the matter? Because he wants to send Peninsular Chinese a message. His message is vote for the Opposition, and you will have no representatives in the Cabinet. Some, of course, will argue that it is better to have none, than to have a servile party like the MCA represent them.

Mr.Chua was asked why he did not stop the MCA, which was similarly thrashed by the DAP and PKR in the 2008 elections, from accepting posts in the Cabinet. He replied that he was not the President, then. In that case, why didn't he pull them out when he became the President?

We do not think Peninsular Chinese will be made fearful by Mr.Chua's latest transparent scare tactic. They are more likely to be convinced, that Mr.Chua and his entire BN coalition, should be dumped, where they belong, in history's rubbish bin.

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  1. used to support this id... when he was in trouble. Now did not care 2 hoots about his comments, shut up SL