Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Temasek Review Downed By DDOS Attacks

If you can't access the Temasek Review, it is because it has been downed by DDOS (denial of service) attacks. Similar attacks during the Sarawak Election brought down Malaysia's Alternative News Sites like Malaysiakini, Malaysia Chronicle and the UK-based Sarawak Report. The Sarawak Report was forced to go 'on the run' moving from server to server as each new server came under attack.

In the case of Malaysia, there was little doubt that the attack was ordered by the BN. The PAP seems to have taken a leaf out of the BN's dirty tricks playbook and may be intent on doing the same to the Temasek Review. These attacks, we note, are illegal.

The Singapore voter is expected to swallow the propagandic gibberish spewed by the Straits Times and other such 'news' sources to make his or her decision. The fact that the PAP is engaging in such tactics should be reason enough to vote against them. They wish to deny the Singapore voter, access to their most implacable, and no-holds barred, critic, the Temasek Review.

It is an insult to the Singapore voter's intelligence that tactics seen as being succesful against natives in Sarawak's remote interiors are being used to deny them information.

It is a clear sign that the PAP is afraid, and the PAP is desperate. And they now seem willing to use methods favoured by Malaysia's disreputable BN. No matter how despicable, or how illegal, such methods are.

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