Friday, April 8, 2011

Take The Garbage Out, In Marine Parade

There is an online petition now asking for Ms.Tin Pei Ling to stand in an SMC. That is not going to happen. She will be standing in Marine Parade GRC, and will waltz undeservedly into Parliament, riding on the coattails of Mr.Goh Chok Tong. That, at least, is the PAP's plan.

So, what can the voters do, about having Ms.Pei Ling shoved down their throats? The answer is simple of course, though to most Singaporeans, almost unimaginable. Simply throw out Mr.Goh Chok Tong. Vote against the PAP in Marine Parade.

There are several benefits to throwing out Mr.Goh Chok Tong.
  • It will save S$3.4 Million a year in taxpayer money, because that is what he extracts every year from the public purse. By contrast, an opposition MP in Parliament, will only cost Singapore S$15,000 a month.
  • Singapore will be spared the embarassment, of having a Senior Minister, who was closely associated with the NKF scandal.
  • The next time there is a flood, and you complain about the PAP's ineptness in managing it, he will not be able to pompously scold you, treating you like an errant schoolchild. And ask you to see how much better off you are, as compared to Japanese affected by the tsunami. Or, perhaps, how much better off you are than Somalians, Libyans, Congolese, Rwandans or some other nation equally irrelevant to Singapore's situation.
  • You will be spared his false, ingratiating grin, most often exhibited during the election season.  
  • You will be spared juvenile, bad jokes in bad taste.
  • Since Tin Pei Ling will automatically also lose along with him, having no merit of her own, you will be spared the sight of Tin Pei Ling, grossly out-of-place and totally lost, in Parliament.

There are of course some negatives to throwing out Mr.Goh, which, as non-partisan writers, we must point out.
  • He will still find a way to collect S$3 Million a year from public funds, by getting himself appointed to the board of some public company, or the other.
  • The PAP will still treat Singaporeans like so many schoolchildren, and continue to pompously scold you as they see fit. They are sure you will still vote for them, no matter how disdainfully and disrespectfully they treat you.
  • For those who like bad humour, you will have lost a proponent of it.
  • There will be no Tin Pei Ling, to entertain you, by trying to look cute or stamping her feet, when frustrated by some question.

As that is 6 positives to 4 negatives, we will have to go with the majority.

Take the garbage out, in Marine Parade!

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