Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chok Tong Ducks The Real Issue

Mr.Goh came up with this one yesterday :

“I would not duck the issue, because politics is about people’s livelihood. Therefore, rising cost is a very big issue facing, not just Singapore, but facing every other country,”

Now he says Singapore is like every other country. It is strange, because the he and the PAP are always saying that Singapore is not like every other country. That, they usually justify, is why Singapore can't have a free press, freedom of speech, or any other freedoms. That is also part of the justification for Mr.Goh's monstrous salary, and that of his colleagues.

The issue Mr.Goh is ducking, while pretending not to, is that the PAP is entirely responsible for rising costs. They run the Government, always have run the Government, and seek, by any means available, to always continue to do so.

He also says that having more opposition in Parliament will not solve the problem. In fact, that is precisely what Singapore needs. More opposition in Parliament, to question the PAP. More opposition in Parliament, to force the PAP to listen to voters. What Singapore's Parliament is filled with today, is a bunch of nodding PAP syncophants, falling over each other to agree with their leaders.

Mr.Goh is running away from responsiblity, by attempting to blame Singapore's problems on some global malaise. The troubles in Singapore, are of the PAP's making.

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