Saturday, April 2, 2011

Psy-Wars, German Admirals, Non-Existent Orgies and The Barisan Nasional

Sexual Psy-Ops have been around for a while now. Allied as well as Axis Nations practised it, justifying the pornographic nature of their libellious broadcasts and literature as a neccessary tool of war. In Malaysia, however, it appears no war is needed for the BN to indulge in it. They do it for mere political survival. Or, perhaps, they feel they are in a war; in which case; they are warring on their own countrymen.

Sir Stafford Cripps, a member of the British War Cabinet, was outraged by some of the excesses of the British sexual psy-war on the Germans, and wrote to Anthony Eden, the Foreign Secretary, that he would rather lose the war than win it by such odious methods. The letter has only recently been declassified under the British Freedom of Information Act. The propaganda that offended him so, was about a German Admiral, who was accused, in excruciating detail, of engaging in sexual romps with sailors and women all at the same time. It was, of course, entirely untrue, and concocted under the supervision of Sefton Delmer, who was heading the British 'black' propaganda effort.

Delmer's written justifications for his actions included the following :

"The pornographic element in these broadcasts was introduced deliberately, not for the sake of pornography in itself, but in order to attract listeners and gain their attention for the main objects of the station, viz. the undermining of confidence in the regime".

"We are of course not trying to win Germans to our side by this method; we are trying to turn Germans against Germans"

"No secret, subversive organisation can operate successfully if its operations are to be limited to what the moral standards of our country would require"

Delmer was defended by his superior, Reginald Leeper, who said that this was a war with the "gloves off".

This then, 70 years later, is what Pakatan faces in it's political battle with the BN. A war with the gloves off. And the BN little cares, that they are following Delmer's dictums, in their own nation, by turning Malaysian against Malaysian, using sexual psy-war. They have been doing it for quite a while, using racial issues, and are merely adding another element. Going one step further than Mr.Delmer, they also attempted to use their trashy little video, to win some PKR MPs to their side. Their attempt failed, and their clumsy agents were exposed.

All their efforts are focused on one man, Mr.Anwar Ibrahim. Break Mr.Anwar, they are convinced, and they will break Pakatan.

And they are quite willing to use tools of war, in peacetime. Instead of against an enemy nation, they use it against their own citizens. They are quite willing as well, to overlook all moral standards. There are no upright men like Sir Stafford Cripps, in the BN, to put their foot down. While the police, in the form of that selectively speedy investigator, Mr.Ismail Omar, engages in half-truths, to support the BN's black efforts.

The BN is decadent now, and immoral, and willing to go to any lengths, to cling on to power. Their faltering leader, Mr.Najib, attempts, with much monies paid to PR firms, to create a false image of wholesomeness for himself. It is a difficult task indeed, when his feet, are so squarely planted, in the gutter.

Regimes like that now run by the BN, if history is any indicator, must surely fall.

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