Thursday, April 14, 2011

For A Strong Opposition, Vote The PAP Out Of Office!

Well, if the PAP loses the election, they will be the Opposition, and Singapore would automatically have, a strong opposition!

The leader of the opposition, will be Mr.Lee Hsien Loong, who will be feeling rather silly, when he starts clamouring, for freedom of speech! As he will, when he starts demanding, for a more transparent government!

Or Mr.Lee Kuan Yew, may decide that Singapore 'needs him', and return to head the PAP. For he has long forgotten, that the PAP is not Singapore, and Singapore is not the PAP!

Of the rest of them, many, and we mean many, will jump ship. They will not be able to tolerate a life, where they are not living off, public funds.

The other possibility is that the PAP's cadre will rebel, and dump the Lees.

In which case, they will start, the Lee Family Talk Show.

For they do very much, like to talk.

The show's ratings will quickly plunge, as they mostly like to talk, about how clever they are!

Or perhaps they will start, a travelling circus, which we think, will do rather well, even if they only feature; themselves!

Note :
If you think Singapore cannot do without the PAP, you may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.
As an immediate remedial measure, stop reading The Straits Times and other mainstream papers, and stop watching TV.

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