Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nazri And Baljit Don't Agree To Disagree

Mr.Baljit Singh from the Gerakan, an almost defunct party that is part of the Barisan Nasional, criticised his own coalition leaders today. We have no idea why he did this, it is not what members of the BN usually do. It was reported in Free Malaysia Today, an online news portal, that he had asked the Prime Minister Mr.Najib Razak and his cabinet to take religious vows that they are of impeccable moral standing.

This is extremely unfair of Mr.Baljit as they are in no position to take any such vow. Certainly Mr.Chua Soi Lek, we know, will be taking no such vow. Mr.Baljit was therefore making a futile call.

He did, however, manage to get Mr.Nazri Aziz, the BN's Minister of we are not really sure what, to fly off his handle. Again. Mr.Nazri first requested of the reporters present, to tell this 'Punjabi boy' where he is coming from. We do not know why he called him a 'boy'. The picture of Mr.Baljit showed him sprouting a full beard.

Mr.Nazri, we suspect, may have been trying to put him down. It is a pity that he found it neccesary to refer to him by his race. Now he is going to be called a racist, in addition to all the other things he is usually called.

Mr.Nazri went on to say that those who aspire to be Prime Minister must show 'high morals'. This rule, apparently, need not apply to those who only want to be Ministers. They may, it appears, be of  'low morals'.

He also said that he himself need not take a vow, as he 'did not have a video'. We know of at least three dubious fellows, who can remedy this shortcoming, if he wants.

He further noted that he would not have called for a Royal Commission of Inquiry, if the opposition hadn't 'blamed them'. Now, at least, we know the basis of calling for RCIs. It is if the BN is blamed.

Nor did Mr.Nazri like Mr.Baljit questioning whether he (Mr.Nazri) knew Mr.Anwar's body better than his wife. The point, said Mr.Nazri, was that Dr.Wan Azizah, being Mr.Anwar's wife, would be conflicted in her interests. Curiously, we found that he had not said any such thing earlier. He had only said that Dr.Wan Azizah was not qualified (we assume forensically), to be able to identify the person in the video.

We do not know what Mr.Nazri Aziz will say tomorrow.

It will be, we suppose, whatever comes into his head.

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