Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MIC's Smoke And Mirrors Show

Last Friday, MIC held a gathering for Malaysian Indians, in the 5-star Mines Resort in Kuala Lumpur. Considering that the majority of the Indians in Malaysia are living in poverty-stricken conditions, it is indeed a curious venue to choose. It would have been more appropriate for the MIC to organise their 'gathering' in one of the many dilapidated estates or urban slums where most Malaysian Indians actually live, in penniless penury.

Twelve thousand Indians gathered, or rather, were gathered, like so many sheep to the slaughter. Some were paid to gather, and some were bussed in in paid transport. The objective of this 'gathering' was to celebrate the Indian New Year. There is, in fact, little for the Indians to celebrate about.

Fifty years of marginalisation by the Barisan Nasional, have turned the Indians into 3rd class citizens in the nation of their birth. They are practically, now, a slave peoples, and their overseers are the MIC. Ilegal immigrants, not being burdened by having the MIC as a representative, are doing better than them! The MIC is too servile (to Umno) and too inept a party to aid the Indians in any real way. And so, to hide it's shortcomings, it puts on such shows.

How much did the MIC spend, in this false presentation? How much for the venue? For the food? For the singers, the entertainers? How much for the transport to bus in the attendees? A million? Two million?
Whatever the sums, it would have been better spent on tangible projects, instead of this expensive, unproductive nonsense. MIC neither cares to, nor knows how to, help the Indians so they throw them a party instead!

Of course, the MIC has it's own, self-serving reasons for this orchestrated 'gathering'. The election is coming, and they would like to pretend that they have have regained the support of the Indians that they lost in 2008. They would particularly like to pretend so to Umno, to ensure they get enough seats and that those seats are in places which can be won, courtesy of Malay Umno voters. They can then continue to posture as the representatives of the Indians, while doing, as usual, nothing to improve their lot.

In 2008, outraged by the sight of police beatings and persecutions of their fellows, the Indians mostly voted for the Opposition. It would be a pity if they are taken in by the MIC's charlatans, and vote for the BN in the next elections. Neither the MIC, nor the BN, are the answer to Indian woes; they are the cause of them.

The only real hope for change for the Indians is in the establishment of a 2-party state and in a system where those who are disadvantaged will be assisted regardless of their race. And to achieve that, their only choice, for now, is Pakatan.

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