Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wong's Waterloo?

Mr.Wong Kan Seng, who exhibited gross incompetence in the escape of Mr.Mas Selamat, and then compounded it by refusing to resign and accept responsibility for it, faces what could be his Waterloo in the Bishan Toa-Payoh election. His opponent is Mr.Chiam See Tong, Potong Pasir's redoubtable MP.

If Singaporeans want their leaders to be accountable, they must throw Mr.Wong out. Voting for the PAP in Bishan-Toa Payoh will send them the message that refusing to be held accountable is acceptable to Singaporeans.


  1. I think Mr Wong has also become very arrogant in this election. With the same experience as Mr Chiam in parliament, he should not downplay and be sarcastic towards Mr Chiam. Ms Josephine teo is worse. She's so rude, and arrogant. I really believe that we cannot afford to have MPs of such ego.

  2. riding on th coattail of Wong KS, Josephine Teo really has no business to be arrogant. i look forward to Wong and Josephine being given the boot at this GE. the ultimate is to see the AP taking over as the new govt and Wong KS condemned to stay in the same cell as Mas Selamat.