Saturday, April 9, 2011

S$3.4 Million For Me, Bowl of Noodles For You

That is how Mr.Lee Hsien Loong splits up the loot, in Ang Mo Kio. It would not go down very well if Mr.Lee was the head of a gang of bandits (which some may argue he is), and it is even less palatable when he is the Prime Minister of Singapore.

The unemployed man in his 40's who was subsisting on this diet of a bowl of noodle soup a day, was arrested after turning over a set of buffet trays richly laden with food by his neighbour in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 on the 2nd of April. Such a diet, we  must point out, may cause anybody to do irrational things, as their bood sugar levels plummet. He was caught, and handed over to the police. Sadly, nobody thought to offer him a plate of rice. He said "I don't know why I got angry, or why I did that". He cannot be expected to understand the effects of a starvation diet, on the human mind.

He is clearly a victim of circumstances. In Singapore, there is no place for such people. Particularly since he is a victim of circumstances, created by the PAP. He is a Singaporean, and he is unemployed in his native land, while many people of foreign origin, are actively employed. Some of them are even standing for elections, under the PAP banner. Surely, there is something wrong, with the PAP's system.

The MP for Ang Mo Kio, Mr.Lee Hsien Loong, does not survive on a bowl of noodles a day. He is busy going around making pompous statements, or twisting the arms of voters, in a bid to win yet another election. He would like to pretend that people like this unknown unemployed man, do not exist in Singapore. In fact, there are legions of them, living lives of queit desperation in the midst of 'prosperity'.

This man will now have to face the censure of Singapore's strict Courts. We hope they make an exception, and  go easy on him.

Food deprivation and it's effects, cannot be cured by spells in Singapore jails.


  1. I agree totally. Pap should practise the prosper thy neighbour policy on it's own citizens too on an urgent basis.

  2. mr owl, there must be thousands of sporeans waiting anxiously for the GE to be announced, so that they can give PM Lee a befitting farewell.
    good riddance to bad rubbish you might say!

  3. Hi Owl

    I guess you are a M'sian, residing in Sg as a PR. Most M'sians are envious of S'poreans but S;poreans should be envious of M'sians who have more guts.