Friday, April 15, 2011

Barring Haris

Why bar Mr.Haris Ibrahim, of all people, from entering Sarawak? He is not a particularly influential figure in Malaysian politics. He is more of a civil rights activist, and could under normal circumstances, have little say in Sarawak.

He has only been barred, we believe, for one reason. To stop him from exposing SNAP, with which party he was associated until recently.

SNAP is not a part of the BN, but it was BN which barred Mr.Haris. SNAP is, however, standing, and forcing 3 way contests in seats where it should be a straight fight between BN and PKR. This is SNAP's value to the BN. They will help split the opposition vote, and this will benefit BN. The BN does not want Mr.Harris turning up, and spilling the beans on SNAP.

We cannot confirm the rumours that SNAP has been bought over by the BN, but the ugly nexus between BN and SNAP, as in this act of barring Mr.Haris, is undeniable.

Voting for SNAP in Sarawak, is as good as voting for Mr.Taib Mahmud and the Barisan Nasional.

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