Sunday, April 10, 2011

Election Santa Goes To Sarawak!

The Election Santa, we must explain, is not to be confused with Santa Claus. Where Santa Claus has elfs, he has goblins. Where the real Santa hands out presents, he hands out projects and cash.

The Election Santa is also an extremely elusive creature, you will never find him unless there is an election going on. If you are a persistent fellow and somehow manage to track him down at other times, you will find that you will get nothing out of him.

He had left Sarawak to his goblins, but finding them floundering, will now appear himself, for an entire week. Both his chief goblins, one white-haired and the other not, seemed to be heading for a fall. They had lost the towns, they had lost the Christians and they had lost the Chinese electorate. Now, their bases in the rural areas are threatened.

The Election Santa will blaze across the state in private aeroplanes and helicopters. He will promise anything and everything. And don't expect any of his actions to be questioned by the Election Commission, for they too, are his goblins. They will not be so bold as to question their master.

After the elections, those Sarawakians trusting enough to vote as the Election Santa wants them to, will find him gone. He will not turn up, until the next elections.

They will be left, instead, to the mercies of the white-haired goblin, who is, of course, a grinch. And grinches we know, are coarse, and they are greedy.

Unlike the Election Santa, he will never leave.

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