Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Hopeful Mr.Muhyiddin

Mr.Muhyiddin has stated, in Sarawak, that there is no need for change and that the BN can transform from within. It is indeed strange then, that we see no sign of this 'transformation', three years after their thrashing in the 2008 elections.

The ISA continues its existence, unchanged, and has recently been invoked, on a one-armed man. The police force has yet to be reformed, or an IPCMC put in place. Suspects and witnesses, mysteriously fall out of MACC windows. Freedom of assembly is still disallowed, and protests greeted often brutally, by phalanxes of policemen. Gutter politics is BN's order of the day, as in the case of this sex video. Wrongdoers freely roam, while the victims are strenuosly investigated. Freedom of speech is only allowed, if you are a BN mouthpiece.

If the BN is indeed transforming from within, it is for the worse.

Is Mr.Muhyiddin really optimistic that the BN can change from within?

No, he is hopeful that you will believe him!

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