Friday, April 8, 2011

Tharman And George Yeo, Must Resign, And Join The Opposition!

Actually, we're not joking. They really must show that they have the strength to defend their convictions. They have stated that a stronger opposition is good for Singapore, and what better way for them to strenghten the opposition, than to join it.

They have been rebutted publicly, and possibly admonished privately, by the Prime Minister, Mr.Lee Hsien Loong. When they disagree over such a basic question, they must, if they be principled men, resign. We hope they do not keep queit, and pretend they never said it.

Malaysia would not have a strong opposition today, if Mr.Anwar Ibrahim, had not left the Barisan Nasional and joined the opposition. Well, he was cast out, but the effect is the same. With Mr.Anwar, came many experienced administrators of the government.

Nations which have been ruled by the same party for 50 years, like Malaysia and Singapore, will find that most of their politicians with experience of governing, are in the ruling party benches. The only way for the Opposition to be quickly strengthened, is for significant numbers of ruling party politicians, to join it. Malaysia is far better off a country today, than it was before 2008. Surely there must be, in the political sense, a few inspiring Anwar Ibrahims in the PAP.

Mr.Tharman and Mr.George Yeo would make a good addittion to those already fighting for democracy and freedom in Singapore. They may, if they like, start their own party. Mr.Tharman may stand against Mr.Goh Tok Chong in Marine Parade, and Mr.George Yeo, against Mr.Lee Hsien Loong or, well, anywhere they like.

Such an event will be without doubt, good for Singapore. Though not so good, for the PAP.

Though they will have to take the risk, if they be men of courage, that they may end up co-authoring a book, if the Lees use their ususal odious methods, titled "From Minister, To Bankrupt, In The Blink Of An Eye".

Note :
We realise that some or many, may find this eventuality unlikely and may deem our suggestions, outrageous. But we are quite certain that an event of this nature, will happen in Singapore, if not today, then certainly in the future. The PAP has too many policies, that are repugnant to progressive, thinking persons for it to go on as it has.

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  1. as long as the old despot is alive, don't expect these 2 stooges or any other stooge in the PAP to pull such a stunt.

    i am inclined to believe the 2 stooges will close ranks with other stooges to dislodge the spineless PM when the old despot bites the dust.

    and frankly, i will be not be surprised if majority of PAP stooges rejoice should both father and son bite the dust together. (naturally or intentionally, LOL)

    frankly, such an event will be embraced by PAP stooges who are the most opportunistic...

    and it makes sense to go the extra mile to ascend the throne as each of them has traded all moral principles to come this far.