Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Forgotten Victim, And Shahrizat's Silence

There is more than one victim in this sex video. Mr.Anwar Ibrahim is of course, falsely smeared and accused, a victim of cruel conspiracy.

But what about this woman in the sex video? How did she end up a pawn in the hands of such odious conspirators? What is her story? What poverty drove her to this line of work? Or was she trafficked as a child, as happens all too often in Thailand? We do not know that she is Thai, but the words in the video were Thai, so we assume it a possibility. Did she know she was being recorded?

Why is Ms.Shahrizat Jalil silent? Should she not be concerned for this unknown woman? Or does she rub her hands in glee, and support these deplorable defamations, as long as she thinks it discomfits her political opponents?

To Mr.Bung Mokhtar's grievous comments, Ms.Shahrizat could only manage snide responses on Twitter, rather than the outright condemnation he deserved. And now, when a woman is so exploited, she holds her tongue or perhaps, does not even recognize the issue or the principle involved.

Ms.Shahrizat should state her stand. She forgets herself, and the responsibilities of the ministry she has been charged with.

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