Monday, April 4, 2011

Away With This Bauble!

Singapore's Parliament will be dissolved soon. Why bother, to form it again? It is not a Parliament, it is a sham, a debased caricature of free Parliaments!

In real parliaments, one party does not hold 98% of the seats. It is a stochastic impossibility to get 98% of thinking human beings, to all sway in one direction. Nor is it possible in Singapore. But yet, it continues to be the case election after election. For the first twenty years of Singapore's existence, the PAP had 100% of the seats in Parliament. It is a record that would make any Middle Eastern dictator proud.

98% of Singaporean's did not support the PAP in 2006. In 2006, the PAP only received 66.6% of the vote. 33.4% of Singaporeans stood against the PAP, despite their restrictive laws, their banning, in the last elections, of Facebook and other organizational means, their intimidation and cowardly 'legal' persecution of the opposition, their whispering campaign that they would punitively retaliate against opposition voters and their undisguised threats using CDCs and other means to withhold development support for constituencies that voted against them. If Singapore had a just or fair electoral system, the oppsition in 2006 would have had 29 MPs, not two!

The PAP only maintains its seats by gerrymandering, often at the last minute, by the continued existence of the GRCs which are a foul creation of the PAP for it's own benefit and by repressing and silencing the opposition.

The PAP's representation is false, it's MPs are usurpers, and  it is a sham, unrepresentative Parliament that legislates in Singapore today.

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