Friday, April 1, 2011

Investigating Anwar And Is He From Outer Space

The police are apparently investigating Mr.Anwar Ibrahim, again. Surely he must have been fully investigated by now. He is possibly the world's most investigated man. Well, go on then, jump and write to the Guiness Book. You may add that to tallest flagpole and biggest ketupat. In the absence of any tangible achievement under the BN, why not?

But we are not here to castigate the BN and their agents. We are not here to say that the BN is terrified of him, and are therefore desperately using every way they can think of, no matter how odious, to silence him. Far from it.

We are here, to reveal an astounding truth!

Mr.Anwar is actually, an alien from outer space. We have proof of course, or we would not be so bold. Dozens of videos, which we will reveal, at the right time. Boxes of documents, which we will also reveal, at the right time. The right time, by the way, is not now, or anytime soon. We will however be happy, for the right price, to go around from town to town, like a begging hobo, during the elections, and keep repeating that we have this proof and that. We will not at all be ashamed of ourselves, and if pressed, will say we're doing it for the race, or the religion, or the country or whatever else is available.

We do not know why this fact, of him being an alien, has not been seized upon by the authorities. They accuse him of everything else besides, but not this. It is most vexing.

Can they not see that that is the only way he could have simultaneously been in two places at the same time. He was in a room being videotaped and he was at home tweeting and on facebook, surrounded by family and friends. Who but an alien with the power to warp time and bend the laws of physics, could be capable of such a feat?

And how is it possible, that he is able to continue to get the support of the people, despite all the BN's machiavellian machinations against him? Clearly, it is an alien mind-control technique that he is using.

We hope the authorities will investigate him for being an alien from outer space.

And of course, he must be charged in court.

As for evidence, we are certain that a spaceship with his DNA on it, will be 'found' soon enough.

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