Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ferried Crowds At PAP Rallies

The PAP organizes it's crowds by ferrying them from other locations. They are given packets of rice or noodles. Buses are chartered and they are then ferried from their RCs to the relevant PAP rally.

One such example was revealed at an Ang Mo Kio rally for Mr.Lee Hsien Loong. The citizen was from Tanjong Pagar and revealed that the food packet was given by her RC. You can watch for yourself here .

The PAP's Mr.Chan Chung Sing, now an MP from the dubiously won seat of Tanjong Pagar, interrupted the reporter and tried to stop the conversation.

It was sad to watch the citizen's reaction when approached by Mr.Chan in his all-white PAP garb. She said 'sorry' and cringed away from him while holding tightly on to her food packet. Mr.Chan tried to put on a show of camarederie with the voter, but it rang patently false.

The PAP rules by fear, threats and open bribery in Singapore today. Their election rally attendees are often bussed in to avoid embarassing empty seats at their rallies. Their support is clearly dwindling and they may yet learn a harsh lesson on May 7th.


  1. I feel so sorry for the guy. Pity his soul.

  2. 200,000+ NS men must be asking themselves, was the 2* general really the chief of army or the chief clown? so far, he speaks and acts like a clown.

  3. Now we know the true reason for having a cooling-off day just before Polling day ? That is the Pappies are so panaroid that the support for the Opposition is so overwhelming that it will turn the tide against them, that is why they need to have it.

    If one were to ask ourself, what is there to be so frightening that they need to ban all political rallies on the last day itself ?

    Are we so prone to having riots and violence ?

    Is it that the electorate are so radical and unable to think for themselves or control their emotions, that they need a day to cool off?

    It's a real joke, this cunning PAP.

  4. Yes, PAP buses in the audience for their rallies. So what? These are merely cosmetics to make sure the speakers are not embarrassed by the low attendance. But most will vote PAP anyway, despite the poor show. Just like the huge crowds in opp rallies; they do not translate to the opp winning, not in the past anyway.