Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vivian Spins Excuses

"The YOG exceeded it's budget 3 times over because it was the first time such an event was organised" says Mr.Vivian Balakrishnan, as reported by the propagandic Straits Times.

Since the PAP uses the private sector as an excuse for their fat salaries, then they should be held to private sector standards of performance. By those standards, Mr.Balakrishnan should have been fired for incompetence. We can understand a deviation of plus or minus 20% from budget, but a 300% over-run is certainly grounds for sacking. It shows the minister up for a fool who does not even know how to plan a budget.

He then went on to say that 70% of the budget went to local companies for services provided. So what? Is that supposed to be an excuse for so ludicruous a budget over-run? This is precisely the problem with the PAP and it's officials. Instead of addressing the issue, they try to confuse it, to fool Singaporeans. Whether it went to a Singaporean or foreign company has nothing to do with the fact that Mr.Balakrishnan is an incompetent manager.

It is clear that a formal investigation must be conducted by independent bodies, and we mean independent of the PAP, to look into the details of this YOG scandal. All elements must be investigated, every line item examined, and any unusual relationship between the companies involved and Mr.Balakrishnan, his officials or the Ministry examined in minute detail.

Needless to say, it must be a public enquiry.

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  1. If he had been in the private sector, overseeing, say, the budget for a building project and goes off by 300%, I think something is seriously, mentally, morally and psychologically wrong with him. It's insane and is just fit for admission to IMH.

    It is incompetence of the highest order! And I must add, being perceived as intentional.