Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Rhetorical Ms.Fu

Ms.Grace Fu, dressed like an escapee from a mental asylum, outlined her '3H' plan for Yuhua. Apparently, 3H stands for hope, heart and happiness. None of those things are even remotely associated to what the PAP offers Singaporeans.

With the PAP in power, there is no hope for change. The PAP has never shown heart, preferring to brand the less successful as lazy or not working hard enough. And how can there be happiness if you are condemned to a lifetime of drudgery just to survive and forced to face unnatural competition for jobs due to the PAP's immigration policies.

Ms.Fu then followed up with a series of rhetorical questions. Apparently these questions are addressed to the opposition, but none were invited to respond. That is the usual modus operandi of the PAP, to indulge in one-sided conversations, because they are afraid of the answers.

We will answer her despite the immaturity of her questions. She said "During the global financial crisis, where were they when we needed them most?"
They were suffering alongside ordinary Singaporeans while Ms.Grace Fu and her colleagues in the PAP were collecting fat salaries from public funds. This despite their clear incompetence in being unable to shield Singaporeans from the crisis.

"When we were losing our jobs, where were they?"
Firstly, Ms.Grace Fu did not lose her job. Neither did any other PAP functionary. What does she know about losing jobs?
Secondly, the opposition was not in charge of the government, the PAP was. And the PAP was responsible for the loss of jobs, even if, as usual, they prefer to point the finger instead of accepting responsibility.

"More importantly, do they know you? Do they understand your problems?"
Why wouldn't they? They are Singaporeans just like the citizens of Yuhua!

Have they walked the streets of Yuhua? Over the past 5 years, have they visited you at your home?”
We are sure they have walked Yuhua's streets, but they were not the MP, were they? Ms.Fu, meanwhile, only walks the streets during election campaigns, otherwise she has her chauffered limousine. And we are not sure how many people want Ms.Fu's presence in their home.

She finally decided to admit to the PAP's failures by giving the excuse that she is human. Well, in that case, she should immediately give up her superhuman salary!

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