Thursday, February 24, 2011

UN Security Council Ignores The Owl!

We are shocked. The UN Security Council has chosen to ignore our advice to them on Libya.

They have done exactly what we cautioned them against; issued yet another meaningless condemnation. Which Mr.Gaddafi will dismiss with a contemptous wave of his silly Green Book.
And carry on killing. We know, because 20 minutes ago heavy gunfire was reported in Tripoli.

We admit to being a rather obscure blog with a somewhat minute readership. So, perhaps we will have to excuse them for dismissing us. But many others, including the former ambassadors of Libya, have suggested almost the same measures that we had. It remains, we believe, the only way to stop the madness.

Whatever is the use of the United Nations?
And of what good is their miserable Security Council?
They deny security to those who need it most desperately.
The Security Council, it seems, will never act. It is a helpless, dysfunctional Council.
They will always be vetoing each other, resulting in never-ending inaction.

Dissapointing too, is Mr. Obama's silence. We really had expected more from him than just a bunch of nice speeches. But he speaks not of Libya.
While Mrs.Clinton will not even mention Mr.Gaddafi's name.
Mr.Cameron meanwhile is touring Egypt. When he should be saving Libya.
The Italian Foreign Minister solemnly pronounces that 1,000 people have been killed. Yet does precisely nothing about it.

While Libyans live in fear in those areas that the raving Mr.Gaddafi still controls.

And fall to the remorseless bullets of his henious henchmen.

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