Saturday, February 19, 2011

Free The Star First, Mr.Chuah!

In a blatant exercise in hypocrisy, Mr.Chuah Soi Lek has called for a review of the PPA (Printing Presses and Publications Act).

This while The Star (a newspaper under the control of the MCA) remains an unapologetically one-sided pro-establishment paper.
It is filled to the brim with syncophantic news of the BN government and its politicians.
One-sided rantings are presented as 'analysis'.
Opposition news and press releases are rarely covered, and when they are, it is only to twist them in a negative light.

The call for a 'review', in any event, is weak, symptomatic of the MCA's malaise of weakness.
The PPA must be abolished. Call for its abolishment, sir, if you have any gumption at all.
Those unhappy with articles published in free newspapers would have recourse to the courts after all, in the form of injunctions, libel and defamation suits.

Mr.Chuah's call is merely to present himself in the false posture of a 'reformer'.
We predict he will do nothing further about it.
Nor can he, even if he actually wanted to. He will be brushed aside by Umno.
It wouldn't matter to him, though. He has got the headlines he wanted.

Lead by example, Mr.Chuah. Not empty, posturing words.

Free The Star!

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