Friday, February 25, 2011

A Fool For An Information Minister!

This post is not about Mr.Rais Yatim's annoying habit of talking through his teeth.
Which habit he persists in, despite our many admonishments.

This post is about our conviction that he is an anachronistic, asinine fool.

Oh, what have we said!
Will we now be ex-parte injuncted? And then sued for millions that we don't have?

Mr. Rais Yatim called, last year, among other equally silly statements, for all of us, to avoid using Facebook. Or twitter.
They will, he is convinced, westernly influence us.
Unlike, no doubt, the never ending stream of western movies and journalism that we watch on TV and Astro every day.

While making this grave pronouncement, he was apparently dressed in a rather nice western business suit.

He has yet to back up his statement by cracking down on Mr.Najib.
Whom, being a regular user of Twitter and Facebook, must certainly be wandering about in a most zombie-like state of western influence by now.
Surprisingly, despite his exposure to such dangerous influences, we have yet to see Mr.Najib dye his hair purple. Or pierce his lower lip. Or participate wildly in some punk rock concert, while in drug-induced stupor.

Could it be, that Mr.Rais Yatim was, dare we say it.....wrong?
And.......a silly old fool?

Today, Mr.Rais urged Malaysians not to protest like the Egyptians.
He neglected, however, to tell us whom he wanted us to protest like.

Apparently, the opposition had wanted Malaysians to protest like the Egyptians.
Despite a careful search of news archives, we find that they have made no such call.

Could Mr.Rais be imagining things?
We hope he is not also hearing voices.

And he has now opened himself to the risk of being injuncted. And sued for millions, which he very well may have.

He has also requested that we not be swayed the Opposition's 'Propaganda'.

We assume that he would like us to listen only to his propaganda.
Well, he really should improve it's quality, if he expects us to.
It is blatant, unsubtle, 3rd rate and terribly boring.
No different than it was in the 60's and 70's.
And the 70's are, of course, when Mr.Rais Yatim came to some political prominence.

Whatever is he doing here now?

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