Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mr.Najib's Divorce.....From Reality

Over the past few days or so, Mr. Najib has made the following outlandish statements, or words to that effect.
As there have been one too many of them, we feel compelled to take him to task.
Because we are so tired of politicians who talk down to citizens.
And assume us to be pliant imbeciles.

The people have accepted 1Malaysia.
No, sir, we have not. We consider it a substanceless political gimmick.
Neither has Utusan, read for yourself.
Neither has Mr.Mahathir. Or his coterie.

Uitm students and staff should be grateful.
Right, you will throw us a bone and we will all yelp excitedly.
Whatever you do, that's your job. We pay you to do it, sir.
And you are using funds from the public coffers, which rightfully belong to the citizens.
Why are you asking to be elected, if you feel its a burden?
The problem, sir, is you are not doing enough!
And enough of this pompous "you should be grateful" gibberish.

Teoh family boycott a delay tactic.
He is dead.
He died while in the custody of one of your agencies. And nobody has been charged.
They do not trust your RCI. And whats the use anyway, if the RCI is only going to look at a bunch of procedures.
The family would not want the same non-result as the inquest.
They want justice.
You are not giving it to them.
Despite your solemn promise that you would.

On the whole, the rising ringgit is beneficial to the economy.
Funny, thats what we were told about the falling ringgit.
How wonderful, to live in Utopia.
How is it beneficial?
Because its cheaper to visit Turkey?
And every other Middle East capital?

Barisan is prepared to face double by-elections.
Why wouldn't you be?
We are supposed to believe you didn't contrive it?
To split the opposition's meagre resources?

We are not like Egypt.
Will you not stop repeating the same thing every other day.
Makes us feel like, .......we are in Egypt.

He challenges Pakatan to unveil a shadow cabinet.
Why? Because it suits you?
Fix your cabinet first, sir!
For all the effect some of your Ministers have, they might as well be shadows!

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