Thursday, February 10, 2011

BN's Remarkable Achievements For The Indians

Some say the Indian Vote is returning to BN. While most of these worthies appear to support or are members in MIC or BN, we will still, as unbiased observers, take a careful look at their claims.

To make this a scientific exercise, we must be fair and list out BN's achievements since March 2008. So we will examine their top 5 accomplishments :

They have painted Brickfieds in eye-popingly gaudy, garish colors and constructed obscenely ugly arches.
This has succeeded in sharply reducing the apetite of the majority Indian visitors to this area.
Thus reducing their exposure to a variety of lifestyle diseases.

They have brought the Prime Minister of India to this area during his recent visit to Malaysia.
Thus making him quite lose his apetite for the rest of his visit.
This has saved the taxpayers some money as it reduced the government's catering costs.
Such saved monies will of course benefit and be returned to the taxpayers in some form.
Possibly extra Patrol Boats.

Mr.Najib has done a walkabout in Brickfields.
Thus proving that he cares about you.
And that he's the Prime Minister of all Malaysians.
Never mind Utusan.

Mr.Najib has visited Batu Caves for Thaipusam, a first.
Being sentimental fellows, this should make you all feel nice and warm inside.
You will need the warmth for when you are cold-shouldered for scholarships, jobs and loans.

Samy Vellu has, at long last, been got rid off.
You may now look forward to being ignored, lied to, condescended to and having your money parted from you by a different fellow.

And there it is.

Who dares to argue with these accomplishments?

What, a heckler at the back!
Not accomplishments, you say?
Just a bunch of superficial dramas, camera ops and TV moments that neither help you nor mean a thing?


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