Saturday, February 19, 2011

MCLM : On Slippery Road

We have no issue with MCLM's vision and mission. We fully support all efforts to restore liberty to Malaysians.

However, we cannot agree with MCLM's timing. We believe it is too soon for MCLM to be transformed into a demanding political entity. 

We are aware that they believe they have identified 'jump-proof' candidates.
But we do not believe that human nature allows for such sure 'identifications'.
And there are no magical tests that can look into the hearts of men.

MCLM's approach in dealing with PKR does not encourage us. We are aware that they are offering their candidates to PKR only.
But surely we cannot expect an established political party to jump at the crack of an unproven whip.
And why would Mr.Harris Ibrahim see it fit to pass sniping, ill-natured comments against a party he says he wants to work with?
It is a indeed a poor way to start a relationship.

PKR had offered to consider MCLM's candidates, provided they were willing to follow the party line once elected. This MCLM has rejected.
They instead offer to vote according to their conscience. But we cannot possibly depend on the consciences of individuals. We well know how easily they can be perverted.
We would much rather depend on the collective stand of parties.
It would be untenable to have elected politicians representing a single party voting in whatever direction they please. It would make for a highly inconsistent situation.

MCLM's argument is that PKR did not field 'good' candidates in the last general election. Of course they did not. Because not enough 'good' candidates were willing to stand.
Including those now picked as MCLM candidates.
Because few of us believed that an event like March 8 could happen.
We were not willing to participate in what we considered to be a hopeless cause.
The situation is very different now. There are many good candidates who are willing to stand.
For, now, there is hope.

We hope good sense will prevail. By all means negotiate, but let your words and conduct be civil. We sincerely wish that it all works out.

We hope you do not choose the path of standing as independent candidates.
We fear that it may serve to split the anti-BN vote. Even if in only a small way.
And in a General Election where every vote counts, we cannot have our ideal of a two-party state threatened by such futile actions.

And then, even if we share many of the same ideals, we will surely vote against you.

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