Friday, February 18, 2011

Let The Dolphins Go, Resorts World Sentosa!

Despite objections from many groups, including environmentalists and animal rights groups, Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore is continuing with its plan to capture wild dolphins and exhibit them in its cruel marine parks.

They have so far managed to carelessly, uncaringly kill two of these intelligent, caring animals. Capturing them from a happy, carefree life in the oceans surrounding the Solomon Islands, they confined them in a limited space in Langkawi Island.
To 'train' them. To do things they were not meant to do. We well know the brutal methods used in these 'trainings'. They call 'positive reinforcement' what is in fact food deprivation. They isolate these social animals if they do not do what they want them to, causing them untold anguish.
These dolphins used to swim up to 100 miles a day in the wild. Now they are condemned to spend the rest of their lives in 24 foot tanks.

Dolphins are highly intelligent animals. Like humans, they love their young. Like humans, they like to play, with each other and sometimes with passing humans. They seem to like us. Over the centuries, there are many tales of dolphins protecting swimmers from sharks, putting themselves at risk. They do not deserve this cruelty from us.

Resorts World has blamed the deaths of two of the five dolphins that they had imprisoned in Langkawi on 'technical problems'. But the other five survived. We are convinced that the mental anguish that free animals suffer; deprived of their freedom and suddenly confined in small spaces; is what killed them. They died of a very human condition; heartbreak.

We condemm the Solomon Islands for participating in this shameless, cruel trade. What will the Solomon Islanders sell when they run out of dolphins? Their children?

We expect little from the greedy, grasping executives of Resorts World Sentosa. They will not understand the language of compassion.Their only interest is profit. Their entire enterprise is based on fleecing others of their hard-earned cash. The dolphins are of interest to them only as a tool to entice more people into their casinos. While their families visit the theme parks.

We call on all  visitors to Singapore to avoid visiting Resorts World Sentosa untill they return these animals to the wild. We particularly entreat Singaporeans to give Resorts World a miss.
You can free these dolphins.
Loss of revenue is a language Resorts World will understand.

Please help these poor, cruelly imprisoned beasts.

We beg of you.

Update : There are two facebook pages fighting for this cause which you can join.
'Let the Dolphins Go, Resorts World Sentosa'!/home.php?sk=group_104121093001373
'Let the Dolphins Free, Resorts World Sentosa'!/pages/Let-the-dolphins-free-Resorts-World-Sentosa/100649703345785

-The Owl, 21st February 2011

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