Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stopping The Massacre In Tripoli

The UN Security Council meets today to discuss the madness in Tripoli. We hope they will not stop with some feeble condemnation or the other. As they too often do.

At least the following must be done :

No-Fly Zones
All  available reports clearly state that aircraft are being used to deadly effect, in one way or the other, against the civilian populace.
No-fly zones must immediately be declared over Libya. Passenger jets can continue. But none of Gaddafi's military aircraft or helicopters can be allowed to fly over Libya.

Unmanned Drones
The no-fly zones will not stop those military or mercenary units still loyal to Gaddafi from continuing their slaughter of Libyans on the ground.
Therefore, drones must fly over Tripoli. And we know how effective they are.
The threat of these drones alone may help to stop the on-ground massacre.
But if not, they will have to be activated.
And act against the remorseless killers.

War Crimes Tribunal
Should be set up right now. Whatever happens today or in the future, what has happened in the past few days must be investigated and those responsible indicted. They must be captured and tried.

No doubt there are other actions that can be taken.

We would like to note that the United Kingdom and the United States have a special moral responsibility to stop the violence in Libya. For they were involved in the supply of arms to a known, ruthless oppressor. And he has not hesitated to use those arms against his people.

The circumstances are desperate.

The United Nations must act decisively.

And act now.

Update : We have watched Mr.Gaddafi's rambling, out-of-touch, self-promoting lunatic speech. As he waved his silly green book about.
He has threatened to cleanse Libya house by house. He has said he will show no mercy. It is even more critical now for the international community to act swiftly.
-The Owl, 22nd February, 7:40 pm Libyan Time.

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