Sunday, February 27, 2011

BN's Brobdingnagian Overreaction To HRP's Liliputian Gathering

Despite our distaste for HRP's brand of ploitics, we are outraged by BN's bludgeoning overreaction to their gathering today.

People have been arrested for, it appears, walking out of their house in the morning, strolling down the road and standing in a corner. At the time of writing, ten in the morning, an estimated 80 or more individuals have been arrested! Included among those arrested were reporters and no doubt, the odd hapless passer-by. This passer-by, who shall remain unnamed, would have been arrested for one reason and one reason only. His race. Racial profiling in all its unglory.

BN's overbearing actions will result in a backlash for themselves, we predict. While the HRP leaders will no doubt be quite pleased to have been provided a distraction from the scant numbers they managed to gather. For all reports indicate that they had been able to attract only several hundreds of protestors, nowhere close to the 30,000 of the 2007 demonstation. This fact may be lost in the dust of anger, outrage and resentment that these draconians arrests will cause. Thanks to BN's doltish overexertions.

BN has ridden roughshod over every tenet of basic freedom. Article 10 of the Malaysian Constitution is mere irrelevant words on pieces of paper to them. We are not a nation of laws. For BN, it seems, is a law unto itself, and will do whatever it pleases. The only cure for BN's authoritarian illnes, we conclude, is to cast them out of power. For they have learnt nothing from their drubbing in 2008.

The protestors had every right to gather, and every right to speak to speak their minds. While the rest of the populace has the right, to agree or disagree with them. And that is all there is to it.

The role of the police should have been to ensure that no untoward incident took place. It would not have been difficult to manage such a small gathering. Instead they uncleverly unleash their secret police who, with merry disregard for legal tenets, arrest citizens who have yet to do anything wrong.

In tribute to some Gaddafian God.

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