Thursday, February 17, 2011

Half Truths To Keep PAP Going - Part III

Mr.Lee on being a hypocrite "You know as well as I do that there are certain areas where you say one thing as a principle, its another problem when you have to make a choice".
Some of us actually say what we mean, sir.
Because we are not hypocrites.

He threathens Mr.Chee Soon Juan with defamation proceedings "But when we accuse him, we'll stick it on him".
We believe him.
Not just this but we believe he can make anything he likes stick in his courts.

On America, Mr.Lee feels that African-Americans; "have not made enormous progress since the World Wars".
In view of the seriousness of this charge, we feel compelled to recommend that he take it up with their African-American President.

He says that John Kerry and Al Gore were both brighter than George W. Bush.
Ok, we're going to have to give him this one.

If the opposition believes their cause is right; "we're not going to stop you from publishing your newsletters".
As opposed to newspapers.
Which would reach a larger audience.
Which would threaten Mr.Lee's regime.
Which we really can't have, can we?

If the opposition believes their cause is right; "we're not going to stop you from holding indoor meetings".
As opposed to outdoor meetings.
Where you might get scorched by the sun.
Or drenched by the rain.
Or bitten by bees.
Or inhale pollen, and have an allergic reaction.
Or, even, God forbid, accomodate larger crowds.
Thus getting your message out to more voters.
Which would ....., but you get the point.

Mr.Lee on Public Service ; "If you don't have the conviction that you want to do this because you feel strongly you want to do something for the people, don't do it".
Yet, in abject contradiction of his call to Public Service, Mr.Lee insists on paying his Ministers top dollar, the same  as any MNC would pay. A practice unheard of in any other part of the world.
It would appear he has little faith in his Minister's thirst for Public Service.

On what he's not interested in;
 "No, I'm not interested what other people see or don't see. That's irrelevant to me".
Because he knows better.
And because he is always right.

On why he did the book, "What am I doing this book for? I want your readers to know the hard truths".
How wrong we were to conclude that it was an exercise in self-aggrandisement.
Just because it reads like that.

On First World Civility; "I have said if we have a credible First World opposition, we'll treat them with First World civility".
And Third World repression.
Using Third World Laws.

Mr.Lee then reveals his strategy on how he treats his political opponents; "Why should we not demolish them before they get started? Once they get started it's more difficult to demolish them".
Clearly the interviewer has accidentally inserted one of Idi Amin's quotes.
He can't possibly have said that.

We have an insert by the interviewers (who are primarily from the Press) which says of Mr.Lee's shaping of Singapore's media model;  "The model is one of a regulated press that understands its job is not to be the Fourth Estate".
We are glad they are enjoying their career as pet propagandists.

He blows his own trumpet; "In a way, I'm like a local Ronald Reagan".

He is Tony Soprano; "So when I say I'm going to fix that guy, he will be fixed".

"I carry my own hatchet".
Err,.... ok.

On Communists; "....when you enter a blind alley with the communists, only one person comes out alive and I have come out alive".
The communists are gone, Mr.Lee.
They've been gone 40 years now.

On Internet websites and bloggers who are not complimentary to him;
"But they are worthless people, they've got no money".
He's right.
We have no money.
We are......worthless.


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