Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not Good Enough, Mr.Saifuddin!

Why castigate Mr.Saifuddin Abdullah, you might ask, when he's the only one who seems to have any respect for democratic principles in the entire benighted Higher Education Ministry.

Because he has not done, or said, enough.

He does show a rare element in Mr.Najib's wretched cabinet.
A sense of fair play and some idea of what a democracy is supposed to be.

But it is not enough!

He says he did not order UPM to reverse their decision.
Why didn't he?
When they were blatantly attempting to reverse the results of a democratic election.

He said his reason for providing 'advice' to UPM was because the complaint that they had campaigned as a group had come from the rival Pro-Aspirasi group. Who had also campaigned as a group.
But Mr.Saifuddin is missing the point.
So what if they campaigned as a group?
It is entirely up to them if they want to campaign as a group or as independent individuals.
It is called, for Mr.Saifuddin's benefit, Freedom of Association.

He praised the Vice-Chancellor Mr.Radin Umar for his 'openness' in meeting the students.
Instead of sacking him for duplicitiously attempting to overturn the election results.

And he pretends to not have noticed the elephant in the room. For he has failed to call for the abolishment of the draconian, stifling and undemocratic Universitities And Colleges Act.

Mr.Saifuddin would resign if he is a man of principle.

From his demeaning post and the Barisan Nasional.

It is no place for principled men.

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