Monday, February 21, 2011

End Game in Libya

Mr. Seif Gaddafi trotted out the ususal suspects to blame for the uprising in Libya. It was, he claimed, 'a foreign plot'.
Yet the only 'foreign' involvement we could find in any report, were the African mercenaries in his father's pay. Who were mercilessly shooting unarmed protestors.

He accused the protestors of being 'drunks' and 'criminals' and 'foreigners'. Libya, he would have us believe, is threatened by drunken foreign criminals.

He was willing, he said, to 'dialogue' with the protestors. He also offered to 'fight to the last bullet'. All in the same breath.
And after the last bullet? A stealthy escape, perhaps?

He also threatens 'civil war'. Clearly, power is a hard drug to give up. They are more willing to plunge their own country into a holocaust.

Libya, we find, has no constitution. The only logical reason we could think of was that this means, if you are in charge, you could do anything you want. Political parties are not allowed. There are no freedoms. It is, clearly, a tyranny.
In his own country, Mr.Gaddafi is not the buffoon that he is generally perceived to be. He appears to be a cunning leader propped up by an omnipresent Secret Police.

But 42 years is too long. He could have, taking the cue from Egypt, returned his people their freedoms. But he chose to do nothing, hoping that it would all go away. And now, encouraged by the success of protestors in Egypt and elsewhere, his people revolt.

Unlike Egypt, Mr.Gaddafi has chosen to wage, with heavy weapons, a war against his own people, mostly unarmed protestors. The death toll is horrific. It is, for the large part, a massacre.

But there is hope yet for the Libyan people. Reports from Benghazi indicate that protestors may have taken the city. The crack 'Thunderbolt' Army Unit has apparently defected to the protestors and is fighting Mr.Gaddafi's Guard. And there are now protests in Tripoli.

More must be done by the international community.

As individuals, we can help by supporting the sorely needed medical efforts. One such effort is 'The Libyan Relief Effort' on Facebook.

We hope, when this ends, that evil loses. And is punished.

For tyrants everywhere, the message is clear.

For you too, a reckoning will come.

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