Friday, February 25, 2011

Mr.Gaddafi And The Pills In The Coffee

We have more word from Mr.Muammar Gaddafi, that valiant defender of, well, himself. And his family.
And his somewhat shrunken circle of friends.

Mr.Gaddafi has apparently uncovered a heinous plot by Mr.Osama to drug young Libyans.
By slipping pills into their coffe. The coffee, Mr.Gaddafi detailed, was served with milk.
And the brand used was Nescafe.
As always, Mr.Gaddafi provides irrefutable proof for his accusations.

Once having been drugged with this Nescafe coffee with milk, they would then feel obliged to join in protests.
The only way for them, perhaps, to get more of this remarkable coffee.

Mr.Gaddafi has, meanwhile, in his clever, subtle way, found a way to cure the youth of their coffee addiction.
He will shoot them. Dead.

We are not certain how these statements will affect Nescafe's fortunes. Though we suspect they may be wishing he had named another brand.

And while Mr.Gaddafi, and his sons, engage in farce; his henchmen continue their brutal cleansing,
Their last deadly stop was a mosque in Zawiya, where up to a 100 may have been killed.

The international community meanwhile, continues to have meetings in various locations around. First New York, then Rome and perhaps Paris next.
While doing nothing of any substance.
And sipping delicately perhaps, their Nescafes.
With milk.

We do congratulate Mr.Sarkozy for announcing that the EU may cut ties with Libya. A matter of critical importance to Mr.Gaddafi right now, no doubt.

We are sure he will immediately stop killing civilians and surrender when he hears of Mr.Sarkozy's stunning pronouncement.

What will they do next?

Revoke his credit cards?

Cancel his subscription to the Sunday papers?

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