Monday, February 21, 2011

Where In The World Is Muammar Gaddafi?

We really are concerned about the poor fellow. We may have to report him missing.
Unless he's hiding in a cupboard and sulking, because he's lost control of most of Libya.

According to his Ambassador to China (who has resigned), he is in Venezuala.
Whatever could he be doing there?
Appearing in VTV's 'Yet Another Obnoxious Chat with Hugo' ?
No, that would be too much like talking to himself.

Could it be, that he is in London?
Buying yet another consignment of sniper rifles from the business-friendly British?
That he could then use with devastating effect on hapless, unarmed protesters.
No, they just halted arms sales to Libya.
After they had sold him everything he needed.

Is he in Washington?
They did, after all, outfit his brutal 2nd Brigade for him.
No, they're busy self-righteuosly blaming the British for selling him arms.

Detained by the Secret Police?
Don't think so.

Flying round and round in a plane while his country burns?
Nope, George W. Bush already did that.

Visiting his good friend, Silvio Berlusconi?

In Chad, hiring more mercenaries?
Possible. He'll certainly be needing them.

In Saudi Arabia?
Where all good tyrants go to retire.
It worked for Idi Amin.
Tunisia's Ben-Ali is holed up there as well, claiming to be sick, now that Tunisia wants to extradite him.
We'll have to give it a possible.

Well, we can't figure it out. We give up.

But wherever he is, he really should have taken his idiot son with him.

He's only making things worse.

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