Sunday, February 20, 2011

Death in Benghazi

A romantic name, Benghazi. Ancient Euesperides of the Greeks. Mentioned by Herodotus.
It takes us back to adventure stories that we read when we were still children. Perhaps Beau Geste, perhaps others, we cannot remember.

And now Benghazi returns. Covered in a shroud of blood. And pointing, perhaps, an accusing finger at us. For we have done nothing about it, and can do nothing; only hope that Good wins.

Please help, if you can, the medical relief effort by supporting via Facebook the Libyan Relief Effort.
Or any other relief effort you deem fit.

They are using heavy weapons now in Benghazi. Mortars, heavy machine guns, rocket propelled grenades and incredibly, sniper units. African mercenaries now prowl the streets, and they have no feelings towards the Libyans. Where a Libyan might hesitate to fire at his own people, the mercenary would care not. And this is indeed the Gaddafi regime's intent. 200 at least dead, from various news reports.

Mr.Gaddafi plans to stay, no matter how many die. And Libyans must fight, for when this much blood has been spilt, there is no turning back. No room for negotiations with such wanton killers. And they are fighting. Urban Warfare, with territory constantly changing hands.

Despite the terror, Libyans (including lawyers) are back in front of the focal point in Benghazi, the Courts. And a lawyer named Fathi Terbil is broadcasting live video from an open rooftop near the courts. We cannot say how long he will be reporting. He says it will be as long as he is alive.
Some army units have changed sides. Fire, it seems, may now be met with fire. And Libya may burn.

But there appears no other way to topple this bloody-handed tyrant, who has ruthlessly ruled this nation for an incredible forty years.

Will they never learn? They always unleash terror instead of dialogue. And then, when they have been toppled, they escape without being judged, into a happy retirement.
That should not happen in Libya. Gaddafi must be tried, if for nothing else, then for these 200 or more lives lost.

But first the protestors must win this battle for freedom. And in Libya, that appears to mean you must be ready to sacrifice your life.

The international community, meanwhile, including the United Nations, sits around twiddling its thumbs and mouthing ineffective words. While unarmed protestors are attacked with heavy weapons.

We hope the loss of life will stop.

The bell tolls for us all.

Each man's death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.

-John Donne

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