Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Mountbatten Faker Resurfaces

Here's Mr.Lim Biow Chuan resurfacing again. For those who don't remember he is the guy who claimed that 23,172 people had 'liked' his facebook page when the true number was 244.

According to him, the NSP has no record of serving the people in Mountbatten. Well, how could they, when the PAP has gerrymandered, threatened and bought their way to victory at every election? He's probably not even talking to Mountbatten voters; they're more likely to have been ferried there by chartered buses from Tanjong Pagar and supplied with food packets.

Talk is cheap, he went on to say. Yes, he's right, and so is faking the number of people who 'like' you on Facebook. Mr.Lim clearly has a desperate need to be liked. Caused, no doubt, by some childhood trauma. Invite him to 'Oprah' and all will be revealed!

According to Mr.Lim, Ms.Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss only surfaced 2 months ago. This despite the fact that she grew up in Mountbatten!

The Straits Times also reported that "On Mrs Chong-Aruldoss' claims that she is a better-qualified candidate that Mr Lim, he said: 'I have thousands of residents in my constituency who are equally qualified, but being an MP is more than just about intelligence and talent."

It's also about being a PAP suck-up, we suppose. And about being a nodding syncophant in Parliament so that you may eventually be appointed a PAP Minister and be paid S$2 Million a year!

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  1. Did he really do that? Faking the support numbers?

    Maybe, I shouldn't be asking the obvious. After all, even the crowds at their rallies are fake supporters, ferried from elsewhere by chartered buses, with meals provided.

    Shame on them!