Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Hypocrite Of Tanjong Pagar

Mr.Lee Kuan Yew yesterday drew comparison with the British Parliament. He wanted the Opposition to form a 'Shadow Cabinet'.

In the first place, Cabinets and Shadow Cabinets are only formed after elections, not in the middle of campaigns.

The British Parliament is also elected in a system where the press is free, freedom of speech is an inalienable right, and oppositionists are not bundled of to prison or bankrupted on whim. It is a far cry from the repression of the PAP.

The United Kingdom is a free country with a people who will brook no interference with their freedoms. Singapore is under the oppressive rule of the PAP, run by a succession of petty dictators, assisted by fawning minions.

If Mr.Lee seeks a comparative system, he should look to Syria with it's iron-fisted rulers. It would be a better fit.


  1. That stupid old man is at it again! The more he talks about the Election, the more votes PAP will loose. I am not my father's nor my grandfather's generation. As a person in my 20s, I will not be intimidated.

    We need a strong opposition presence in Parliament, as the arrogance of the PAP has reached its unrepentant height.

  2. The hypocrite of Tanjong Pagar will go down in history as the biggest con man, one and only who can steal from an entire population, one who can deceive almost the entire world he has acted honourably...promoting nepotism, fixing elections to his advantage, ensuring the press, state televison, judiciary and members of parliament are subservient.