Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Luca Brasi Sleeps With The Fishes?

We do not know if the US has got around to sending a dead fish wrapped in Mr.Osama's jacket to Mr.Ayman. But we are not at all sure about the identity of this executed individual. So far, the only proof we have is say-so evidence. Mr.Obama says so, Mrs.Clinton says so and so do all their officials, in chorus. But we live in a place where the government routinely lies, so we are sceptics, and expect proper proof.

No news service seems to have seen fit to demand more proof before publishing this news. Not CNN, not the BBC, not even Al-Jazeera. All journalistic rules were forgotten in their rush to get this news out. There were no sceptics. CNN, in fact, was behaving practically like a propaganda channel. Doubters were denounced as 'conspiracy theorists'.

Not a single picture or video has been released. Even if such a photo or video were to be released, how do we really know it's him? It could be a double. Having doubles is a common enough practice.

DNA evidence might prove it, and it has been announced that there has been a match. But doesn't it take 2 weeks to do proper DNA testing?  Even if there was a match how do we know it was not one of Mr.Osama's siblings; any one of them would provide the same match. Mr.Osama's father, after all, had 54 children from several different wives.

And why would Mr.Obama make an announcement before the conclusion of the DNA test? Clearly there was political benefit to Mr.Obama in making this announcement quickly. The impact would not have been the same if it was all over twitter and facebook for days. Mr.Obama's approval ratings had slipped to Jimmy Carter levels with presidential elections looming. Libya is a stalemate. The economy is still a mess. Clearly, Mr.Obama needed a win, and he appeared to have got it, in remarkably timely fashion.

The only real proof was the body. It could heve been examined by non-partisan experts and proper tests conducted according to procedures. It could have been identified by his relatives. Yet the US government chose to quickly dump it into the ocean.

It is all terribly fishy, we're afraid.

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