Sunday, July 10, 2011

An Unneccessary Death in Kuala Lumpur

The Acting KL CPO, Amar Singh, has rushed to declare the death of a protestor in the Bersih rally yesterday as due to a heart attack. We were, of course, much impressed by his efficiency in deducing cause of death. It is a pity that he has absolutely no basis for his pronouncement other than self-serving, biased opinion.

Lest we judge him too quickly, or too harshly, we did check whether he was a pathologist turned policeman. We find that he is no such thing.

The protester died after being hit with teargas. He died after being left unattended for an hour and a half, despite those who were with him asking the police for help to send him to the hospital. They were ignored and no help was rendered, according to eyewitness accounts. And so he was left to perish, unneccessarily.

A Malaysian is dead, and those responsible for his death, by acts of commission, omission or negligence, must be punished. Ultimate responsibility for his death lies squarely with Malaysia's less than competent Home Minister, Hishamuddin Hussein.

The protestor's name is Baharuddin Ahmad. He was married with two sons and a daughter.

He deserves justice, and his family deserves closure, which cannot come without justice being served on the guilty.

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